Helping One Another . . .

. . . Using God’s best practices (Genesis 2-15), we teach sustainable organic farming to the people of Africa;

  • Providing hands on experience,
  • improving quality of life,
  • and helping them follow Jesus.

Organic Farming International (OFI) is dedicated to alleviating poverty and poor nutrition in western Africa, while bringing the hope of Christ.

Using the principles set out in the Bible in Genesis 2-15, we teach sustainable organic farming and livestock raising. By using God’s best practices we demonstrate that God, the Creator has provided for and loves them.

OFI’s vision is to offer training and material support leading to sustainable farm and ranch operations in communities throughout western Africa through our schools. These schools also mentor in the basics of the bible and following Jesus.

As our purpose is to reach out to communities in Africa our plans are to place these training schools across Africa. We are beginning in Togo, with plans to extend westward to Liberia and Sierra Leone, and then, south to the Republic of Congo.